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“Your Mom is a lying witch!”

I wrote this article in early February while in New Orleans at the Dad 2.0 summit: a gathering of influential dad writers, marketers, speakers, and bloggers.

On the airport shuttle bus to the hotel, I witnessed something that made me sick to my stomach. While most people ride a shuttle bus in awkward silence, the two women in the two seats behind me, with children that were likely eight and five, were anything but silent.

From what I, and everyone on the bus, could [...]

R We teaching our Children 2 B Dumb?

 I don’t want to raise ungrateful kids.

I don’t want to raise unhealthy kids.

I don’t want to raise kids with low self-esteem.

And after having dinner last month with internationally renowned children’s singer and advocate Raffi, I realized also I don’t want to raise unintelligent kids either.

Before meeting Raffi, I had no idea about his life without a [...]

*** Thanks for waiting for me to begin writing again.  A New Orleans trip to the Dad’s Summit was incredible in early February as well as we endured some major life stresses in the last month — house move/office move, major home renos, and a few in utero baby scares (more on that in the future) — but I am back and I look forward to connecting with you and to your input into the Dad Vibe!  Cheers, Jeff

Are You Better than [...]

My kids need to suffer…

As parents, our natural born instinct is to protect and shelter our children from pain, harm, or any negative consequences.  However, to grow and thrive, they need to suffer setbacks and failures to learn, and prepare for life.  So the question shouldn’t be IF we should let our kids experience negative things, but WHEN.  Tenacity doesn’t just arrive on its own.  As our kids get older, we need to ease the lid off the pain box and let a little out. 

Am I making you uncomfortable mentioning ‘your beloved child’ and [...]

To find out or not to find out?

Last year was awesome.  My Dad Vibe ‘tribe’ continues to grow and I want to quickly thank all of you for your support and sharing.  How exciting to have an article go viral!  

I’m hoping 2014 will be even bigger.  One thing is for sure, my family will be larger as we welcome, in late May, our first child into our big, beautiful, blended family.   If you follow me, you know our blended family began almost 3 [...]

You and your Anus…

Announcer Voice: “Welcome to another edition of “Starfish Sports”   Here is your host, winner of 5 Buck-Eye News Hawk awards, Ben Dovermann!”

Ben:  “Good day sports fans, we are live on location with a COL network exclusive.  Today, I am speaking with Jeff Hay, the newest member of Team Colonoscopy!  Jeff, how does it feel to be part of amazing team?”

Jeff:  “Well Ben, it feels terrific to be part of Team Colonoscopy!  I’m not gonna lie, I was a little nervous to first join, but [...]

Loving my Red-Headed Stepchild…

This is a tough article to write as my vulnerabilities and weaknesses will be revealed.

I have had the opportunity to work with other people’s children and treat them as my own through various jobs running a childcare center, directing a summer camp, and years spent teaching and coaching.   However, now I am treating and loving another man’s son as my own.  It is a wonderful and challenging opportunity.

Years ago, I heard a comedian make the comment, “I am going to work you like a [...]

God Bless the Lost Boys of Sudan

The “Lost Boys of Sudan” is a horrific story, both chilling and incredibly sad.  Tragically enough, it’s also one of the most effective parenting tools I have ever found.

In my never ending quest to help my children develop compassion and an attitude of gratitude, I stumbled upon a documentary, “The Lost Boys of Sudan”.  I watched it.  Cried.  And then made the risky decision to show my children.  My reasoning was less about shock, and more to illustrate how fortunate [...]

Do you think you are better than me?

No, this question is not “You vs. Me” in a test of parenting skills.

No, it is not a question to be asked between a stay-at-home dad and a working dad.

This question is about your relationship with your spouse.

This was a golden question that came up in a friend’s couple’s therapy.   This question, this one question, sent that relationship in a totally new direction.  It was a life changing question and one that I felt was worthy and important enough [...]

** This is not Danny – but this man is Irish, in a pub, and reminds me of Danny.

This article picked up my the Good Men Project out of the US –


I had time to kill waiting for a friend at a pub.

I knew no one in this pub, yet sitting on that bar stool, on a cloudy Tuesday afternoon, I received one of the best pieces of parenting advice ever from the Irish gent sitting 2 bar stools away.

Long story short, [...]

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