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The Day I Lost my Daughter

There is nothing better than Daddy-daughter night at the mall. It’s a night of holding hands, shopping, ice cream and “sometimes treats”, and laughing all the way with my four year old.

It was pure magic, until we hit the big department store. While we were looking at shiny new toys, I wandered into the next aisle of electronics. She was now engrossed in a TV show on one of the thousand TVs.

I returned to show Jack what I found.
“Hey Jack, [...]

The Bad Touch:
When a stranger touched my little girl…

I tickle and wrestle with my little girl and my little boys too, when they initiate.

They have granted me that privilege as a caring, loving father.

I will not tickle and wrestle with your children. Aside from being wildly inappropriate and crossing boundaries, they do not know me.

As a family, we have been living through a massive house renovation. Our little house has been a bee hive of activity, activity done by strangers; electricians, drywallers, plumbers, and [...]

Bottles, Breasts, and Erections.

4 Things NOT to say to a Bottle Feeding Dad…

I love breasts. Always have.
Breasts feed babies. Sometimes…

We have all heard the slogan Breast is Best. Heck, I lived that motto at every high school party in my awkward teenage years.

But if breastfeeding doesn’t work out for new parents, if breast really isn’t best, then bottle/formula feeding becomes a wonderful reality.

Popular culture makes it nearly impossible for new parents to feel like whatever they are doing is enough. “Are you using [...]

What Dads REALLY want for Father’s Day…


Forget Christmas, my birthday, or even Halloween, Father’s Day is my favourite day of the year. Not for the commercialism or gifts I may receive, but for this amazing opportunity I have been given: to be a father.

Happy Father’s Day to all those men playing a significant role in the life of a young person! With the arrival of our new little boy, Eli John on May 20th, I am now a proud, exhausted father of four.

During one of the [...]

Meet our Baby boy – Spatula!!

“Some gal would giggle and I’d get red,
And some guy’d laugh and I’d bust his head,
I tell ya, life ain’t easy for a boy named “Sue!”

In the classic Johnny Cash song, “A Boy named Sue”, a father that wasn’t going to be around to raise his son, names him Sue so the boy will have to grow up to be tough… clever or cruel?

Our baby boy is scheduled to arrive in two weeks (

Huffington Post picked this one up…

When I was 13 years old, I heard someone screaming obscenities from our garage as I was coming up the front walk after school. I was afraid and uncomfortable, wondering who the angry man was in our garage.  I timidly stuck my head in and saw my father was standing there with a small electrical burn on his hand and a tangle of wires and Christmas lights around his neck.

Was that MY dad who said all [...]

“Your Mom is a lying witch!”

I wrote this article in early February while in New Orleans at the Dad 2.0 summit: a gathering of influential dad writers, marketers, speakers, and bloggers.

On the airport shuttle bus to the hotel, I witnessed something that made me sick to my stomach. While most people ride a shuttle bus in awkward silence, the two women in the two seats behind me, with children that were likely eight and five, were anything but silent.

From what I, and everyone on the bus, could [...]

R We teaching our Children 2 B Dumb?

 I don’t want to raise ungrateful kids.

I don’t want to raise unhealthy kids.

I don’t want to raise kids with low self-esteem.

And after having dinner last month with internationally renowned children’s singer and advocate Raffi, I realized also I don’t want to raise unintelligent kids either.

Before meeting Raffi, I had no idea about his life without a [...]

*** Thanks for waiting for me to begin writing again.  A New Orleans trip to the Dad’s Summit was incredible in early February as well as we endured some major life stresses in the last month — house move/office move, major home renos, and a few in utero baby scares (more on that in the future) — but I am back and I look forward to connecting with you and to your input into the Dad Vibe!  Cheers, Jeff

Are You Better than [...]

My kids need to suffer…

As parents, our natural born instinct is to protect and shelter our children from pain, harm, or any negative consequences.  However, to grow and thrive, they need to suffer setbacks and failures to learn, and prepare for life.  So the question shouldn’t be IF we should let our kids experience negative things, but WHEN.  Tenacity doesn’t just arrive on its own.  As our kids get older, we need to ease the lid off the pain box and let a little out. 

Am I making you uncomfortable mentioning ‘your beloved child’ and [...]

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