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All my life, I have aspired to be a man’s man.

Wikipedia, which is usually a super accurate source of information, defines a Man’s Man – “a man that is popular among men… an alpha male, a male that others look up to and aspire to be… women want him, and men want to hang out with him…”   A man’s man is confident and enjoys life – he is comfortable in all surroundings whether it is a work, play, or with his family.    He is cool, calm, and collected and solves problems with intelligence and confidence.

I foresee a shift in how we view a man’s man THAT will include the involved nurturing father. 

Yes, I still want a Man’s Man to be desired by women – but desired not just for his prowess in the bedroom, but rather desired for his prowess with a vacuum in the bedroom, and the living room, stairs, landing, and toy room.

I have a dream… that one day; a man’s man will not be defined by…

  1. Not by how many oil changes he can do in a year, but by how many diaper changes he can do in a day…
  2. Not be how many red hot chicken wings he can eat, but rather by how many Easy Bake Oven muffins he can make…
  3. Not by the dirt and grime on his hands, but the nail polish on his toes…
  4. Less late nights and more early hockey mornings…
  5. Not how long he can remain standing at a Keg party, but rather how long he remains sitting at a Tea party

That will be a Man’s man….

Are you a Man’s Man? 

What can you add to my definition for what now defines a MAN’s MAN?   Or a Dad’s Dad?



  • Anne Lawrence Jan 13, 2014 Reply

    This was one of the funniest articles I’ve read. It reminds me of that movie What Women Want because Mel Gibson is described as a “man’s man.” Have you ever seen it? It’s pretty funny.

    • Jeff Jan 17, 2014 Reply

      Hey Anne!

      Thanks so much for your thoughts! You reached deep into my archives for one of my personal favourites… I want to be a man’s man but the definition is definitely changing all the time!

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