About Jeff

"I am a genuine, authentic person whose life work is to ensure all children have committed, involved, nurturing, and excited fathers."

First off – I am a man that loves his children. Aside from my wife, my 4 children are what brighten my days and show me deeper ways to love.

We all love our children and want the very best for them. I want to raise strong, confident, socially and emotionally intelligent, happy kids. Sounds easy right?

I do consider myself a very involved loving father. I know my children very well; I know the current favourite books, games, friends, shows, songs, and outfits.

I am definitely a work in progress. I learn a ton from other dads (and moms too!). I learn everyday. My children teach me about myself, my values, and my tendencies. Occasionally, I still second guess my words and actions and wonder if there was a better way to approach a situation, but my intention to be better still drives me.

But most importantly, I have the Dad Vibe, a desire to be the best father, mentor, nurturer, coach, and playmate for my children – to always get better and smarter.

With a diverse background in teaching, broadcasting, recreation, and childcare, I have a unique perspective on parenting – from a ‘childless’ child care worker and now as a father of 4.

I have been working with families and parents since 1995. I have volunteered with Big Brothers twice, and I also helped build and operate a childcare centre in Pemberton, BC where I taught preschool, KinderCare, and ran an after-school program. I have worked with high risk teens in a high school for 2 years, and I also lived a dream as the director of a Summer Camp in Whistler for 5 years. Right now, I am living another dream. I play with my kids during the week and play with adults at night as DJ Haymaker (www.djhaymaker.com).

I am now committing all my ‘extra’ energy reaching out to families, specifically dads.

I do scour books, articles, and the web for the latest DAD information, preparing articles for the Dad Vibe, and also designing keynote presentations. I also do work with families, facilitating workshops for Fathers and Daughters (“the Greatest”), couples (“Sex, Love, and Diapers”), and most recently, “What Dads Really Want” (for couples and service providers).

I am a DAD enthusiast/Dadvocate and I want to share all I have learned to help you become the GREATEST father to your lucky children.
My personal Mission Statement reads, “I am a genuine, authentic person whose life work is to ensure all children have committed, involved, nurturing, and excited fathers.”

Thanks for being a part of the Dad Vibe… I look forward to connecting with you!